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Details A-Culture-of-Recycling-Recycling-Culture-Literary-and-Cultural-Theory-Band-37

A Culture of Recycling / Recycling Culture? A Culture of Recycling / Recycling Culture? Full description

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Details The-Contradictions-of-Culture-Cities-Culture-Women-Theory-Culture-Society

The Contradictions of Culture Elizabeth Wilson explores the contradictory nature of cultural relations through an examination of fashion, feminism, consumer culture, representation and postmodernism. Debates within feminism on the nature and effects ...

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Details Managing-Change-Across-Corporate-Cultures-Culture-for-Business-Series

Managing Change Across Corporate Cultures Corporate Culture reveals why corporate culture has such a powerful influence on every aspect of business performance, and shows how to develop high--performing corporate cultures in a complex global business ...

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Details The-Experience-of-Culture-Theory-Culture-Society

RICHARDSON, M. THE EXPERIENCE OF CULTURE. LONDON, 2001, viii 179 p.,. Encuadernacion original. Nuevo.

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Details England-The-culture-Lands-Peoples-and-Cultures

England, the Culture This revised edition features the vibrant, influential culture of England. New full-color photos have been added that help trace Englands contributions to world culture, such as the development of the English language, the works ...

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Details Simmel-on-Culture-Selected-Writings-Theory-Culture-Society

[{ Simmel on Culture: Selected Writings[ SIMMEL ON CULTURE: SELECTED WRITINGS ] By Simmel, Georg ( Author )Jan-23-1998 Paperback By Simmel, Georg ( Author ) Jan - 23- 1998 ( Paperback ) } ]

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Details magFlags-Flagge-Large-Rassemblement-Pour-la-Culture-et-la-Dmocratie-Algerian-Rally-for-Culture-and-Democracy-Rassemblement-Pour-la-Culture-et-la-dmocratie-

Flagge: Rassemblement pour la Culture et la Démocratie | Algerian Rally for Culture and Democracy | Rassemblement pour la culture et la démocratie | ??? ?????? ?? ??? ??????? ???????????? | Asenjaq n Agraw i Yidles d Tugdut Querformat Fahne | 1.35m² | ...

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Details Brazil-Lands-Peoples-Cultures

Brazil, the Culture land people and culture series - culture of Brazil Full description

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Details Law-as-Culture-and-Culture-as-Law-Essays-in-Honor-of-John-Phillip-Reid

Law as Culture and Culture as Law Law as Culture and Culture as Law presents a spectrum of historical inquiries developing and engaging John Phillip Reid's insights and methodological approaches to legal and constitutional history. The essays gathered ...

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Details Food-Culture-in-China-Food-Culture-Around-the-World

Food Culture in China Jacqueline M. Newman helps students and general readers understand the deep importance that food has always had in Chinese society and culture. Full description

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Details Greece-the-Culture-Lands-Peoples-and-Cultures

Greece - The Culture Ancient Greece gave the world democracy, the Olympic games, art and architecture. With over 20 new images, Greece the Culture examines the cultural accomplishments of both ancient and modern Greece. Full description